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Psychological Strategy Board is the work of Maybury and Paul Snowdon (a.k.a Time Attendant), an experimental collective based in South London. After a chance hearing of their music on BBC Radio 3’s ‘Late Junction’ they were approached by Richard Kovitch to record a series of tracks for the film - with only the moods and themes of Penny Slinger's art as a guide. The results were astonishing.  17 tracks of electronic music that's difficult to place, often indescribable, but gives ‘Out Of The Shadows’ an utterly incredible and unique atmosphere.


The original soundtrack is available on Vinyl & Digital on Front&Follow Records.

More info HERE. Bandcamp HERE




"Like the art that inspired it, 'Out Of The Shadows' rewards deep exploration and repeated visits." - The Quietus

“Forcibly unsettling… disturbing… a lot like Throbbing Gristle reduced to little more than ground-up synths and ominous, snarling impulses” Electronic Sound Magazine

“The uncanny is portrayed as dark wonder” The Wire Magazine

“I love it, I think it’s a classic. And like reggae, there is a dubbed quality to the tapes that warrants repeated listening. I find the textures highly intriguing; how their shapes and contours are formed out of loquacious sound design that seems more by chance than design, but totally random (genius) and hence genuine. It’s like a collection of words that needs to be read as a whole to make sense of it, instead of skimming for specifics. This album comes very highly recommended!” Fluid Radio

“As the synths bubble and burn, one thinks of synapses firing, of wild ideas created in a manic phase, of the frenzy to write them down.  At first the tones are rounded like beeps.  By the end they are fraying at the edges.  Dark, measured breaths appear in the background: the monster is in control.” – A Closer Listen

“Dank rumblings and slow churns reminiscent of Throbbing Gristle nudge against hovering dissonance and creeping fear chords. Spurts of electronic dislocation bubble and fizz over thick ripples of amorphous, atonal synth sound, hissing static and whispering winds. Sonorous low-end notes resonate, hanging in the air before they slowly decay, submerged by tense undulations. The atmosphere is dark, ominous, unsettling, but not oppressive.” – Aural Aggravation

“Theirs is a crafted vibe that fuels plenty of further investigation into this artist’s work — the highest compliment that any soundtrack can pay to its subject matter” – Freq

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